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A note to buyers regarding confidentiality and the acquisition process:

All offerings are confidential. The attached NDA is for your reading, signature and return. Please call with questions if you are unclear as to your commitment after reading the agreement: (503) 830-3963. If you are new to the process it is important to understand the critical nature of confidentiality. Employee, vendor or customer knowledge of potential sale could damage the business and in turn damage the Seller.

Your appreciation and absolute respect of confidentiality (especially with family members and friends) is key to a healthy transition. With the NDA on file and a clear understanding of your criteria for buying, we can best serve you by directing you toward appropriate offerings, the goal being to allow you to be effective with your time and match your needs to those of an offering.

That being said, if you are a buyer who is would like to talk please call.  You are not required to send an NDA to talk about an offering. I encourage you to call if you would like to discuss an offering in a general way, the market, or the acquisition process. I am available, Monday–Friday, 9am – 5pm and return calls by the end of the next business day if I miss you.

I can be reached at (503) 830-3963.  I look forward to talking with you soon.  Enjoy the process, we like to help in transitions and encourage you to be open but hold on to your values and goals.

Dean Vacheresse

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