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We have often heard our process is unique.  We actually hope to hear from you far before you have made a final decision to sell. If exploring a potential change has come up for you, whether by change in personal circumstances, other goals and opportunities, or simply the natural calling for a change without clarity as to what is next, we hope you call when the considerations comes up rather than waiting.  We can often help provide a useful external perspective and of course useful information with respect to the market, the sale process, timing, and more.

Listing your business for sale with the Vacher Group is an agreement to a partnership.  We are honored to be your guide though this important transition and ask that you keep us in the loop about any changes in your business.  We operate with the spirit of openness, candor, and full-disclosure and ask for the same.  Nothing is too small to discuss.  The following provides a very brief overview of the stages of a transaction.


You will be asked to provide a list of documents so that we can do a business analysis and determine market value.  There will be a lot of interaction between us as we collect data and get answers to questions.  We will then use the information gathered to create our marketing package.


This can be the most challenging time for our clients as it requires very little interaction as we work to find a qualified buyer.  When potential candidates are sent in to your facility for an initial visit, they are instructed to be discreet, so you will never know they were there.  It may feel like nothing is happing.  In reality, we are working hard every day, meeting with buyers to go over salient aspect of the business, flushing out business plans, working on financing, creating landlord presentations and financial profiles.  All of this happens without your specific knowledge or involvement.


We represent you and bring our knowledge, experience, and skill to the negotiation process with a potential buyer.  Often under estimated is the expertise needed to guide a transition through the red tape of licensing, legal requirements, landlord approval, and leaders, to a successful close.

Managing Transaction

Once an agreement has been reached, we are back to a time of active engagement.  There will be many action items as we move from a letter of intent to signed documents.



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