We are business and commercial real estate brokers as well as restaurant consultants who bring intimate market knowledge and strong expertise to every step of the highly confidential process of entering and exiting the restaurant or bar business.  We are also restaurateurs who understand your needs and care about your success, having managed hundreds of restaurant sales and acquisitions over the past eleven years. These include the sale of coffee shops, deli’s, breweries and health businesses with or without real property. Our unique consultative model provides personalized financial plans and systems.  Our clients often find the marriage of our brokerage and consultation the best way to engage the full power of our services.


We begin with face to face conversations with the spirit of openness and candor, making sure we understand your needs wants and concerns.  We work to understand your short term as well as long term personal and professional goals. We carefully consider timing, financial resources, financial goals, your background, and your risk aversion as we structure transactions.   Our process includes valuation of businesses, networking, negotiations as well as transaction management the importance of which is often under with respect to a long-term positive outcome.  We also provide cost effective financial and administrative services specific to small businesses.   We love our clients who are often in need of administrative help.

“On my death bed I know I can live with failure. I don’t know if I want to live with not trying because I was afraid I might fail, or justifying not upholding my values of honesty, honor, integrity, and trust.”

Dean Vacheresse • Principal Broker